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These DNS Lookup tools can be used to check various DNS records.

Lookup AutoDiscover records
Some Microsoft Outlook versions use AutoDiscover to locate Microsoft Exchange servers

Lookup CAA records
CAA (Certificate Authority Authorisation) records authorise a CA (Certificate Authority) to generate certificates for a domain.
These can be used to authorise CAs such as LetsEncrypt.

Lookup DMARC records
DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) records are policies to control emails that fail DKIM &/or SPF checks.
If reporting is enabled you list the reporting mechanism and URI in these.
If you want a domain to receive DMARC reports for a different domain, you need an additional record in the report receiving domain's public dns.

Lookup MX records
Every email server needs to know where to deliver email to.
MX records are one way of achieving this.
MX is Mail eXchange - which means mailserver

Lookup NS records (NameServer records)
If your domain has no NS records, it's website, mail servers etc cannot be found.
NameServers give out DNS records in response to DNS Queries (DNS Lookups).

Start Of Authority records are used to prove the DNS is valid and authorised.

TXT records including SPF, SenderID*, DMARC reports acceptance for a different domain, etc.
* SenderID is NOT recommended by DRAFT (2nd) NIST Special Publication 800-177 - Trustworthy Email

   Service records. this TYPE of dns record can be used for things like AUTODISCOVER records

Third party DNS tools: IntoDNS | GSuite ToolBox : Dig
Nominet .uk WhoIs Query | Kitterman's SPF Query tool

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